Character Study, Part 1.

Nini Crannell, Co-Editor

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Name: Brooklyn (Brook) Lily Audra

Age: 29

Height: 5’4”

Physical Appearance: Peach/pale skin. Long, wavy, mousy, brown hair without bangs, but still hangs over her face slightly. Nose pierced on the right side. There is a skinny and gaunt look about her.

Eye Color: blue-grey

Strange or unique physical attributes: She is very bony due to malnourishment.

Favorite clothing style: She prefers things that are cool colors (blue, green, purple) and have a loose, flowing feel to them. She also adores wearing skinny jeans, mostly dark blue ones. Casual, vintage, dresses.

Where she lives: On the West Coast in Oregon in a modern apartment.

Defining gestures/movements: Slouches a bit, especially when scared or insecure.

Things about her appearance she would most like to change: Bags under her eyes, her extreme thinness.

Speaking style: Speed is fairly normal. Quiet and lower than some women.

Pet peeves: Ugly color combinations.

Fondest memory: Spending a day with her office crush, Warren.

Hobbies/interests: Motorcycles, knitting, graphic design.

Special skills/abilities: Creative, artistic.

Insecurities: Her body, her personality, she’s just generally very insecure about herself.

Quirks/eccentricities: Wants love but isolates self. Spends a lot of time on computers, but is very bad with them.

Temperament: Melancholy, frustrated, sweet, quiet, awkward, and cautious.

Negative traits: Highly insecure, negative, awkward, and cowardly.

Things that embarrass her: When people don’t laugh at her jokes.

Things that upset her: Being ignored, computer troubles, her past.

Highly opinionated about: Being independent, addictions, alcohol, and drugs.

Phobias: Being robbed.

Things that make her happy: Attention, completing a project, riding her motorcycle, and listening to Willow Beats.

Family: Mom- Terry Audra. Relationship is friendly/good but not particularly close.

Dad- Earl Audra. Was abusive and an addict to several things , she hates him.

Maternal Grandma- Ann Perez. Acquainted.

Paternal Grandma- Gloria Audra. Acquainted.

Paternal Grandpa- Lawrence Audra. Close relationship.

Deepest, darkest secret: Mental illness.

Reason she kept this secret so long: Is unaware of it herself.

Other people’s opinions of her: Polite, naive, impressive, quiet, intelligent, shy, hipster.


Bands- BORNS, Willow Beats.

Songs- MereWif, Real.

Type of music- Indie Dance.

Movies- Interstella 5555, I Killed My Mother.

TV shows- Nathan Barley, Pyzam.

Books- Alice In Wonderland, The Fault in Our Stars.

Foods- Cake, sugar cookies.

Sports- Baseball, gymnastics.

Sports teams- San Diego Padies, Pittsburg Pirates.

Political Views: democratic.

Religion: Unitarian Universalism.

Physical Health: Weak, dry/falling out hair, often dehydrated, at risk for heart failure.

Dream Vacation: Cruise on Rhine River.

Description of her house: Nice apartment, mahogany colored wood floors, kitchen with island and three blue lights hanging overhead. Bedroom with bed, desk, small leather couch with lamp, laptop, light brown rug, and closet. Bedroom is bigger than the kitchen. Small bathroom with tub/shower.

Best thing that ever happened to her: Broke away from her father.

Worst thing that ever happened to her: Abused by her father throughout her childhood and teenage years.

Superstitions: Friday the 13th, lucky horseshoes.

Three words to describe her: Desperate, quirky, alone.

If a song played every time she walked into a room, it would be: The Show by Lenka

Character development questions modeled after those found on the NaNoWriMo website:

D7J?ed7BDel;bMh?j?d=CedjÊ. “NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Workbook.” ! (2010): n. pag. 2010. Web. 26 Feb. 2015.

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Character Study, Part 1.